Banking Management Software that optimizes every branch.

Today the role of the bank is changing from being a branch to a local community hub that offers financial services. OR allows banks to understand the communities they serve and to localize the products and services to match local needs and opportunities.
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Simplify how you communicate.

Missed messages are missed opportunities. Keeping branches informed keeps everyone up to date. With OR, communication is streamlined, eliminating all back and forth, and greatly improving how branches run.

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Achieve perfect compliance.

With OR, in-branch customer engagement is planned with precision. But is only as good as its execution. OR empowers staff with clear, easy-to-follow directions including floor plans with fixtures showcasing the graphics and brochures that should be on display. Graphic changes or re-orders are as easy as clicking a button. Gone are the days of obsolete brochures and missing graphics.

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Raise the bar on performance.

Coast-to-coast, no two branches are alike. Unique in their size and client demographic. With OR those differences become your advantages. OR enables banks to localize messaging through the use of branch-specific data and launch branch-specific programs that better serve your clients.

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In the first 12 - 18 months clients experience:

20-30% Reduction in
non-selling hours

7-12% Increase in topline
revenue from insights gained

25-30% Increase in

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Powerful tech to suit
your needs.

Tap into OR’s custom-created technologies designed to improve how brick & mortar retailers run from the inside out.

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