Clearing up communications.

Optimum Retailing simplifies and streamlines communications making it easier for everyone to share and collaborate.
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The one way to communicate.

OR corrals all communications into one easy to access place. By centralizing comms everyone is better connected, every message is received, and every task is completed.

Un-binder the way you collaborate.

Missed calls to lost Post-It Notes happen every day. Consider all the messages that never reached the sales floor. When OR is the only place to communicate, nothing is lost, and there’s no more back and forth. When everyone is in sync, everyone works smarter.

Automation keeps everyone in the loop.

Important information can’t wait, not in today’s retail. With OR updates are automated out. Now every location receives the same message at the same time. This creates incredible synchronicity and gets the jobs done, right.

Plan for location, location, location.

Every bricks and mortar location is unique in size, customer, and needs. With OR planograms reflect these nuances. So now you can create localized programs, relay them out and know that every location will get it right.

Technology for Communication.

Waybill Tracking

To help free up time for those in HQ, OR empowers stores with the power to track and sign for shipments.

Print and Fulfillment Tracking

To improve the flow of information, OR generates print sizes and quantities based on planograms.

Issue Management

Now when staff face problems, issues are tracked and managed through OR, creating a clear line of information between stores and HQ.
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“OR has become a key part of our business, and a critical platform that is used by a number of teams —from finance to store design to marketing. It has allowed us to live up to our commitment to providing customers with an enhanced and consistent brand experience across all our channels. The visibility and accuracy with which we can now execute allocations and store-specific messaging hierarchy is unparalleled. OR has changed the way we bring our brand to life for our customers, while improving our bottom line due to significant cost savings.”

Director, TELUS Stores and Special Assignments, TELUS Mobility

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Are you tapping into all the data your locations create?

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