Leave no room for guesswork.

Compliance is about getting it right from planning to execution. It's about accountability, great training, and constant tracking.
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Keep stores accountable.

How do you know stores are compliant? With OR, every store is held accountable. They track tasks, share their progress, and reach out directly if anything is lost. Now for the first time, head office can connect with every location and know what’s going on.

Get your staff up to speed.

With a large network, it’s traditionally been challenging to train staff all the same way. With OR training materials are uploaded, making them easy to access and track. Now nothing is missed, and everyone is up to speed.

Compliance down to a science.

OR knows your stores inside out, and can send the right size and number of fixtures, signage and marketing materials to each location. Stores get what they need and there’s no wasted time or materials. And if something is missing, they order it right through OR.

Get it. Do it. Done.

How long does it take for staff to execute a new program? You’ll know through OR. With real-time reporting head office is always in the loop with visibility into what’s working, what’s taking too long and how many staff are needed. This data is everything for future optimization.

Technology for Compliance.

Automated Photo Compliance

Now with a simple smartphone armed with OR, staff have the power to check compliance and get it right.

Data Compliance

From the fixture to the region, track compliance within all your locations. With OR, you can learn what’s working, and what’s not.

Issue Management

Manage compliance in real-time with OR. Easy reporting gives HQ new visibility and the ability to course correct.
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“Bell has been using OR since 2012 and has realized several tangible benefits from the tool including a significant reduction in print volumes due to the tools’ superior management of different store formats and regional variations; a more than 80% improvement in store compliance resulting from the unique fixture compliance portal functionality and significantly improved communication between head office and stores; and a reduction in allocation per quarter of more than 30% as the result of the ability to regionalize and specifically target marketing campaigns.”

VP Marketing Communication, Bell Mobility

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