Print and Fulfillment Tracking

Not all stores need the same number of prints. Understanding the sizing and details of each store was once difficult to do. Not anymore. OR is a pioneer in accurate printing and fulfillment, and our technology enables our customers to print what they need, as they need it, in record time.

Getting printing and fulfillment right.

All in one

When HQ creates planograms with OR, the right amount of prints are automatically generated. This includes the right sizes and the right quantities per location. All you have to do is nothing.

Better informed

More than prints, OR integrates with warehouse management systems and third-party logistic companies like FedEx and UPS so that stores can track their shipments.

Less waste

Because OR only prints what stores need, there’s no waste or overspending on unnecessary graphics. Many companies save 25% on printing in their first year with OR.

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