OR for more performance.

Optimum Retailing raises the bar on how you plan, execute, operate and track. The secret is leveraging data to improve performance.
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Make every location shine.

From the east to the west, your locations are unique. To think they should all look the same is outdated. Your customers would agree. With OR you can localize offers and messaging to connect with customers in a modern and meaningful way.

Move fast. With accuracy.

New trends, hot products, competitive pricing - today’s customer is savvy and driven by what’s hot, right now. Your locations need to be ready for the moment. With OR you can act fast and go to market efficiently and speedily.

Performance up. Costs down.

In today’s world speed is everything, but it often comes at a price. With OR staff make fewer mistakes, everyone from planning to execution works more efficiently, and only what’s needed is printed and sent to stores, creating less waste. It’s a win-win for performance and the planet.

A consistent brand is best.

Traditionally it’s been an uphill battle to get all bricks and mortar locations to stay on brand. With OR there’s no guessing, by leveraging data planograms are precise, execution is perfect and there’s complete clarity all the way through.

Technology for Performance.

Data Profiling

OR collects, aggregates and analyzes different sources of data to help you improve performance.

Inventory Integration

With OR you can plan and track inventory as it moves, revealing what’s selling and what needs replacing.

Sales Data Integration

OR opens up a new view to your floor plan, helping you see where sales are coming from down to the fixture.

Heat mapping and customer journey

Gain insight into your customers. By connecting to analytical software, OR can map out the best customer journey.
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“I’m grateful for our partnership with OR and the work we continue to do with them during pandemic. As a result of our partnership, we are going to exit from this in a good place – we will reinvent retail under a new normal and will be able to capitalize on the new opportunities in front of us.”

Associate Director, Verizon Wireless

Are stores taking down promos at the right time?

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