Automated Photo Compliance

Compliance isn’t subjective. There’s a right way and a wrong way. But in the past, it’s been difficult for stores to see if they got it right. Photo compliance revolutionizes the way staff do their jobs. Now with a smartphone and through the use of an AI engine, OR allows staff to see in real-time where merchandise, posters and fixtures belong. With a simple click, compliance is achieved.

The next level of compliance.

Looks great

Photo compliance raises the bar on how every location looks and operates. By simply pointing a smartphone camera at a fixture, staff know instantly if they’ve hit the mark, removing almost all room for error.

Up on time

Photo compliance with OR enables staff to do their jobs faster and more accurately. In an instant, they’ll know if a poster or item is missing, so it can be quickly ordered.

HQ happiness

HQ is often left in the dark, not knowing how every store is doing. Photo compliance with OR gives them a clear picture of compliance. Now they can see if the right products are up and if alternates need to be ordered.

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