Sales Data Integration.

You know your sales, but can you say where they’re coming from on your floor, and for each store? With Optimum Retailing, you can. By integrating sales data, a whole new world of information opens up. Now you can track purchases based on a location’s floor plan. You can measure fixture performance. And with this data, you can redesign your stores, tweak marketing plans, and update product selection to sell more.

Know your sales to improve your sales.

Track It

With OR you can go deeper into your sales data. By tracking sales data to fixture placement, you can improve your experience and better understand your customer behaviour.

Hone in

With OR you have the power to not only see where your sales are coming from, but know the time of day they’re happening. This insight helps you plan with precision, almost down to the minute.

Now optimize

With new information on how fixtures perform, HQ can make swift decisions on floor plan layout, fixture placement, marketing, and future product. It’s all about doing it better every time.

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