Waybill Tracking

When stores wait for shipments, they look to HQ for intel. With Optimum Retailing this essential information is shared, so that staff know what’s arriving, when. Plus, with built-in tracking and signing, HQ knows when the goods have arrived. Just another way OR is connecting departments and smoothing out processes.

Better planning starts with tracking.

Own it

With waybill tracking, all locations know when their next shipment is arriving. OR helps stores take ownership and better plan for staffing and layout changes.

On it

With OR, all shipments are tracked and accepted through the software. So now when staff sign for a package, HQ knows the goods have arrived, and which locations are still waiting.

All together

Before OR, the onus of waybill tracking was all on HQ. Today OR proactively shares the information, so stores are more in control and HQ can spend energy elsewhere.

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