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The future of brick and mortar is optimized.

Optimum Retailing empowers bricks and mortar retailers to plan with precision, execute to perfection and collaborate with clarity.

Custom-made, data-driven.

Today bricks and mortar have amazing potential. With insights and data, OR rockets stores into the future. Creating customizable experiences that are highly targeted, localized and with fewer resources.

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Reach optimal compliance.

With dynamic store specific planograms and clear and trackable tasks, OR keeps everyone compliant and accountable.

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Improve performance.

OR works with data to localize planograms, create unique experiences and build personalized customer relationships.

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Streamline communications.

OR eliminates any back and forth and brings teams in sync with one single source of truth.

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“OR has become a key part of our business, and a critical platform that is used by a number of teams —from finance to store design to marketing. It has allowed us to live up to our commitment to providing customers with an enhanced and consistent brand experience across all our channels. The visibility and accuracy with which we can now execute allocations and store-specific messaging hierarchy is unparalleled. OR has changed the way we bring our brand to life for our customers, while improving our bottom line due to significant cost savings.”

Director, TELUS Stores and Special Assignments, TELUS Mobility

What kind of ROI can you expect from OR?

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