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Optimizing Telecommunications Brick-And-Mortar:
3 Ways to Benefit From a Technology-Driven In-Store Strategy

Telecommunications companies had to adjust and pivot rapidly in the wake of the pandemic. While the same can be said for virtually every industry, telcos are starting to see customers come back to brick and mortar stores in droves for activations, support and device updates, and so are naturally looking for new ways to reach and engage customers – both out of necessity and opportunity. Recovering from the impact of the pandemic is also coinciding with several others shifts in the telecommunications industry that is making the need to optimize operations even more critical – from the acceleration and rollout out of 5G, to changes to the competitive landscape, there is a timely necessity to focus and strengthen store operations to stay competitive.

Technology that exists today can help telecommunications companies understand consumers and their evolving needs at a level not seen before, empowering leaders to tailor brick and mortar marketing campaigns and strategies in a fool-proof way based on collecting and analyzing data specific to each location. After more than a year in varying levels of lockdown, retailers are looking to double down on engaging in-store experiences, while finding operational efficiencies to offset the revenue loses seen during the same time.

OR works with leading telecommunications companies across the globe to achieve both of those, with three key benefits.

1. Improved communication and visibility into each location. Telcos are often dealing with a vast number of stores, many with little insight into compliance levels across locations or understanding of which planogram each store should receive. With OR, HQ is empowered with a data-driven platform that improves visibility and communication with each store, saving time and money. Virtually all of OR’s clients have seen an increase in revenue due to the enhanced communication and visibility that comes with the platform, including increased store compliance and cost savings from store specific planograms, the visibility teams have into their store floorplans and campaign execution, and improved communication between stores, area managers and headquarters

2. Understanding local consumer segments and elevating the customer experience. OR works with retailers to collect and analyze vast amount of data that localize operations in a new way, working as a game-changing predictive modeling tool. With a deep understanding of local trends, telecos can tailor products and campaigns in a way that uniquely reflects each location and connects a store to its community in a powerful way. And while some telecos have come a long way in providing superior customer service, many still have legacy processes and systems that can impede the in-store experience, making personalized experiences even more important. When customers feel like brands understand them, they are more incentivized to come back. The result is increased foot traffic, increased engagement, and increased sales.

3. Operational efficiencies.
The drop in consumer spending experienced because of the pandemic – coupled with new investments required to meet health and safety guidelines – has meant many telcos are now prioritizing revenue drivers and cost efficiencies in a new way. From workforce management software to SKU optimization and automation, OR ensures brick & mortar stores thrive. Even prior to the pandemic, OR’s clients would see an average increase in traffic of between 25-30%, average top line growth of 10%, and average bottom line improvements of 30% - all within the first 12-18 months, and the benefits continue to grow as more and more stores open.

Customers needs and preferences are constantly evolving, and COVID has solidified their desire for a personalized experience and engaging with brands that prioritize connection to the community. Leading teleco brands are reshaping the in-store experience, and technology is at its core.

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving, and OR evolves with companies, ensuring an ongoing, up-to-date understanding of shifting consumer trends and how best to reach and engage a broad range of customers. A technology-driven in-store experience can propel a brand’s competitiveness forward while improving the bottom line, and OR is dedicated to doing just that through strengthened communications, increased compliance, and enhanced store performance.

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