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Programs as

With Optimum Retailing onside, CPG can track, view and hold stores and merchandising reps accountable for their marketing programs.

Sync up communications.

A program’s success depends on good communication with clear direction on execution. OR syncs up all communications into one easy to find and respond place. We make it seamless to collaborate, follow through and succeed.

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Track compliance.

When a program runs nationwide, compliance is rarely monitored right. With OR, compliance is built-in giving you full visibility to what is happening in the field. From planning, execution and photo compliance, every detail is tracked, then shared, so that head office has visibility into every in-market display. Now that’s a first!

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Hone in to improve.

Bricks and mortar are data-making machines. This information is gold, and can greatly improve your marketing programs. OR brings this data to your planning and execution strategies.

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In the first 12 - 18 months clients experience:

20-30% Reduction in
non-selling hours

7-12% Increase in topline
revenue from insights gained

25-30% Increase in

Powerful tech to suit your needs.

Tap into OR’s custom-created technologies designed to improve how brick & mortar retailers run from the inside out.

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