Serve up a better experience.

With Optimum Retailing, quick-service restaurants can update offers and menus faster than ever and with a new level of precision and localization.

Where communication is clear.

Restaurants are busy places where messages from head office can easily get lost or ignored. With OR all messages, information and tickets are shared and escalated when needed through the system. With one single source, everyone stays on the same page.

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Keep QSR accountable.

With OR, every compliance task is assigned, tracked and uploaded through the system. Restaurants can see their floor plans including drive-thru areas and what graphics and digital content should be on display. If something is missing or damaged, graphics can be ordered or tickets can be opened for digital signage issues.

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Tap into your dinners' tastes.

Dinners in different locations crave different meals. Their budgets are different, their behaviour too. With OR you can localize your campaigns to serve up regional and seasonal and localized marketing programs that match everyone’s appetites.

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In the first 12 - 18 months clients experience:

20-30% Reduction in
non-selling hours

7-12% Increase in topline
revenue from insights gained

25-30% Increase in

Powerful tech to suit your needs.

Tap into OR’s custom-created technologies designed to improve how brick & mortar retailers run from the inside out.

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