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How Bell used OR to reduce go-to-market timelinesand save money.

When Bell Canada (Bell) moved its print production from the company’s existing print management tool and Excel over to Optimum Retailing (OR), Bell was skeptical that the OR platform could improve the current process and capabilities they had in place.

By implementation Optimum Retailing allocation tool with print management, Bell was able to:

  • Reduce their go-to-market timeline by 25%
  • Improve in store communication with store specific planograms with fixture renderings
  • Saw a 20% reduction in print spend
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The OR team had estimated that Bell Canada could expect to see a 3x improvement in the accuracy of print quantities matching store needs, and an overall savings in print costs of between 20%-50%. Two aspects of the OR system drive these savings – a deep understanding of print requirements, and our One Click allocation tool.

Print requirements
When onboarding clients, the OR team reviews all our clients’ print and digital signage requirements. For print, this includes size, material to print on, language and orientation for every fixture that holds graphics across all stores. Digital is treated in a similar way with orientation and language, and with the added benefit of tracking the metadata for each screen to make sure it complies with local laws.

One Click allocation tool
When planogramming print signage with OR, graphics are planogramed in the system at the same time it generates print quantities, distribution lists and print kits. With a single click, store-specific planograms and all print requirements are generated.

Bell was initially surprised that the quantities generated by OR were substantially lower than what they had produced in the past, but quickly saw the significant benefits of the platform and the accuracy with which it generated quantities. The net result was a 20% reduction in Bell’s print spend within the first quarter alone, according to Yulia Vasilyeva, Bell Canada Project Manager.

Let OR get to work to save you money.

Print and Fulfillment Tracking

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